Real Estate Photography Home Preparation Checklist

Real Estate Photography Home Preparation Checklist

Great real estate photography starts with thorough preparation!

Outside the Home

  • Park vehicles away from the house
  • Remove any trash or piles of branches, etc
  • Mow the lawn & trim the edges
  • Sweep paths, porch, patio, or deck space
  • Trim bushes & trees that block the view to the home Rake up leaves and grass cuttings
  • Put away any children’s or pet’s toys, bikes, etc. Hide or Wind-Up Garden Hoses
  • Clean patio, deck, and porch furniture
  • Set-up outdoor furniture with pillows, umbrellas, etc
  • Remove BBQ Grill Cover, Hide BBQ Accessories
  • Remove any visible foliage from the roof & gutters
  • Add potted plants to the porch or deck
  • Hide trash & recycling bins in Garage
  • Wash windows & glass doors (siding if necessary)

Inside the Home

  • Remove all signs that you have pets
  • Replace burnt-out light bulbs
  • Hide electrical cords & cables
  • Remove clutter on counters, desks, furniture
  • Hide remote controls & phone chargers
  • Put away all toys for pets and kids
  • Add small flower arrangements where appropriate Dust all furniture, TV and computer screens
  • Vacuum carpets and wipe down hardwood floors
  • Tidy gym equipment (weights on the floor etc)
  • Be ready to turn-on Gas Fireplaces
  • Prior to the photographers arrival, turn-on ALL the lights, including lamps & open all curtains and blinds


  • Put away all dirty dishes, dish soaps, scrubbers, etc
  • Clear counters of ALL clutter & small appliances
  • Remove all fridge magnets, notes, photos, etc
  • Clean surfaces on cabinets, counters & appliances
  • Sweep or mop kitchen floor

Dining Room & Eating Areas

  • Add Dining Table centerpieces: candles or small flower bouquets
  • Remove excess chairs that don’t fit around the table


  • Make beds and fluff bed pillows
  • Remove clutter from nightstands and dresser tops Pick up all laundry and avoid over-flowing hampers
  • Tidy the Master Closet (it may be photographed)
  • Hide valuable items like jewelry & watches
  • Make sure items under the beds can’t be seen


  • Remove toothbrushes, razors, soap dispensers
  • Clean mirrors, glass, and all surfaces well, making sure there are no hard-water spots or soap scum
  • Remove all bottles and soap from shower & bath
  • Remove waste baskets, toilet brushes & plungers
  • Hang fresh towels in every bathroom
  • Close toilet lids
  • Make sure there is toilet paper in the dispenser
  • Remove all holiday & seasonal decorations